Mouth watering, free ranging and lip smacking DELI-ciousness!

Cheese - We've put together a wonderful choice of local, regional and continental cheeses! We're always happy for you to try before you buy so please ask if you're not sure what's best for you. Keep an eye out for our cheese tasting days too!

Take a look at our cheese of the month!

Pies - All our pies and sausage rolls are made for us by Pieminister Pies using only free range meat and the finest ingredients. They work to an ethically high standard and superb quality; quite simply, the best!

Scotch Eggs - Made by the award winning Handmade Scotch Egg Company. They use only free range eggs and pork and come in a variety of flavours (we vary the flavours each week). They are a meal in themselves and a great alternative to a sandwich for lunch.

Pork Pies - Made for us by Chunk. We've chosen the very best pork pie for our deli; a mix of meat, herbs and spices, a great jelly and some very crispy pastry. These rustic hamdmade pork pies look the part and taste the part!

Pâté - Pyman Pâté are an innovation in today's pâtémarket! Traditionally handmade, containing no additives, artificial flavourings or colourings and all freen range and gluten free. A guaranteed 60% chicken liver content which means there is no bulking out with other ingredients as occurs with most others on the market.